Comprehensive Acupuncture Services in Madison, WI

At Abundant Health Acupuncture, we provide alternative treatments for various conditions. For more than 13 years, we have maintained a reputation in providing effective acupuncture services to our clients.

Evaluations and Treatments

Before you undergo our treatments, we will first conduct an initial consultation to learn more about your conditions. The initial consultation usually takes two hours and will include an initial treatment.



Acupuncture, which originated in China, has been in practice and producing results for thousands of years. The practice involves inserting needles into the body at points specific to the pain or disease that the treatment is addressing. Often barely felt, these hair-thin sterile needles can offer both immediate and long-term effects. Traditionally, acupuncture is complemented with carefully selected herbs and nutritional supplements which together can manage either acute or chronic conditions. There are numerous approaches or traditions in the field of acupuncture and our clinic offers one known as “Distal Point Acupuncture”.



Through the ages our ancestors have been discovering the unique and powerful healing properties of different plants. The art of disease diagnosis and the development of an herbal treatment strategy to accomplish a therapeutic result have been passed from one generation of herbalists on to the next. Today’s alternative medicine practitioners are proudly keeping this tradition alive. When selected and used wisely, herbs can offer profound results.

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Proper nutrition is at the heart of Chinese medicine. After setting a broken bone, a Chinese doctor will suggest nourishing one’s self with bone broth soup. The specific nutrients needed to heal the bone are found within the soup. It is the nutrients in food that sustain our bodies and these same nutrients also contain the capacity to heal our bodies.

You cannot make something from nothing. Most ingredients in modern foods are grown in nutrient depleted soils. These ingredients are then refined and preservatives added. They are often fortified synthetically and unnecessary sugars and hydrogenated oils are added. To maintain a healthy body with a strong well-balanced immune system our diets must be rich in a variety of fresh, nutritious, whole foods. There’s so much more to health than never taking a sick day. 

Because of our modern diets we find it essential to offer Standard Process products. Their products are organic, cold pressed and combined to act synergistically. Over my years of practice, we have witnessed amazing results in my patients when combining acupuncture and supplementation.