Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

The Alternative Solution to Your Health Condition



Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practiced for more than 2500 years. Its safety, efficacy and gentle noninvasive therapies have stood the test of time. It is now fortunately coming into favor in our part of the world. Discover for yourself the holistic healing powers of this amazing medicine.


About Gladys Novak, LAc, MSOM, Dipl.Ac

Founder and owner of Abundant Health Acupuncture Gladys earned her Bachelor of Nutrition and Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, Racine. Gladys also have a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the university of Wisconsin-Madison. She is licensed as an acupuncturist in Wisconsin and is nationally board certified by the National Certification commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Gladys first became interested in Chinese medicine more than thirty years ago when a friend who had been completely incapacitated by sudden and excruciating back pain found no relief after 3 months of western medical treatment. Facing exploratory surgery she took the advice of another friend and tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs. She had some relief after her first treatment and was back at work, pain free, after three weeks of acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs. Gladys was both amazed and awed by the power of this medicine.

Since graduating Gladys continues to study with a number of masters because she believes that her diploma only “gave her a license to learn.” She has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education including extensive training in acupuncture, herbal and nutritional therapy.